Episode 365 – “I am not your supplier” with Thomas Depierre

Josh and Kurt talk to Thomas Depierre about his “I am not a supplier” blog post. We drink from the firehose on this one. Thomas describes the realities and challenges of being an open source maintainer. What open source and society owe each other. How safety can help describe what we see. There’s too manyContinue reading “Episode 365 – “I am not your supplier” with Thomas Depierre”

Episode 343 – Stop trying to fix the open source software supply chain

Josh and Kurt talk about a blog post that explains there isn’t really an open source software supply chain. The whole idea of open source being one thing is incorrect, open source is really a lot of little things put together. A lot of companies and organizations get this wrong. Show Notes

Why has software supply chain security exploded?

I take a bike ride every morning, it’s a nice way to think about topics of the day. I’ve been wondering lately why software supply chain security has exploded in popularity in the last year or so. Nothing happens by accident, so there must be some series of events we can point at that hasContinue reading “Why has software supply chain security exploded?”

Episode 332 – PyPI: 2FA or not 2FA, that is the question

Josh and Kurt talk about PyPI mandating two factor authentication for the top 1% of projects. It feels like a simple idea, but it’s not when you start to think about it. What problems does 2FA solve? How common are these attacks? What are the second and third order effects of mandating 2FA? This episodeContinue reading “Episode 332 – PyPI: 2FA or not 2FA, that is the question”

Episode 286 – Open source supply chain with Google’s Dan Lorenc

Josh and Kurt talk to Dan Lorenc from Google about supply chain security. What’s currently going on in this space and what sort of new thing scan we look forward to? We discuss Google’s open source use, Project Sigstore, the SLSA framework and more. Show Notes Dan’s Twitter Sigstore SLSA Framework

The Titanic of security

I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot of podcasts. I was listening to the Dave and Gunnar Show podcast episode 212 with guest David A. Wheeler. The Titanic was used as an example of changing process after a security incident. This opened up a flood of thoughts to me, but not for theContinue reading “The Titanic of security”