Episode 43 – We are totally immature

Josh and Kurt discuss Shadow Brokers, pronouncing GIF, Atlanta’s road problems, browser phishing, warning sirens, IoT, and fake Magic the Gathering cards. Show Notes Shadow Brokers How to pronounce GIF Atlanta gas leak breaks road New browser location phishing attack Hacked warning sirens IoT bricking malware Fake MTG cards Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter withContinue reading “Episode 43 – We are totally immature”

Episode 40 – Let’s fork bitcoin, again

Josh and Kurt discuss Verizon spyware, FCC privacy, Smart TVs, Tor’s rewrite, Google’s new operating system, bitcoin, and NanoCore. Show Notes Verizon Spyware Story FCC Broadband Privacy Inserting tracking headers Smart TVs run Flash Tor rewrite in safer language Fuchsia Bitcoin fork NanoCore Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 38 – We Ruin Everything

Josh and Kurt discuss disclosing your password, pwn2own, wikileaks, Back Orifice, HTTPS inspection, and antivirus. Show Notes xkcd comic Defendant refusing to give up password Prisoner ID Password Fraud Victim’s Google Warrant pwn2own VM escape pwn2own Mozilla 22 hour fix Wikileaks non disclosure Back Orifice HTTPS inspection tools may be unsafe Join our Facebook Group Comment onContinue reading “Episode 38 – We Ruin Everything”

Episode 37 – Your bathtub is more dangerous than a shark

Josh and Kurt discuss how the Vault 7 leaks shows we live in the Neuromancer world, and this is likely the new normal. Show Notes Hacker News Writeup about Vault 7 SATAN RTL-SDR White House Reconstruction Baseband Hacking CGA Graphics Chromium Security Brag Sheet French Zoo Poacher Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcastContinue reading “Episode 37 – Your bathtub is more dangerous than a shark”

Episode 35 – Crazy Cosmic Accident

Josh and Kurt discuss SHA-1 and cloudbleed. Bug bounties come up, we compare security to the Higgs boson, and IPv6 comes up at the end. Show Notes SHA-1 attack Google Security Blog about SHA-1 Zcash hash algorithm analysis Webkit SVN Collision Google bug about cloudbleed Cloudflare Blog Known cloudbleed sites SHA-1 CVE-2005-4900 Whitewood Entropy Join our FacebookContinue reading “Episode 35 – Crazy Cosmic Accident”