Episode 196 – Pounding square solutions into round holes: forced updates from Ubuntu

Josh and Kurt talk about automatic updates. Specifically we discuss a recent decision by Ubuntu to enable forced automatic updates. There are lessons here for the security community. We have a history of jumping to solutions rather than defining and understanding problems. Sometimes our solutions aren’t the best. Also murder bees. Show Notes The Oatmeal giant beeContinue reading “Episode 196 – Pounding square solutions into round holes: forced updates from Ubuntu”

Episode 195 – Is BGP actually insecure?

Josh and Kurt talk about the uproar around Cloudflare’s “Is BGP safe yet” site. It’s always interesting watching how much people will push back on new things, even if the new things is probably a step in the right direction. The clever thing Cloudflare is doing in this instance is they are making the BGP problem somethingContinue reading “Episode 195 – Is BGP actually insecure?”

Episode 72 – Bitcoin: It’s over 9000

Josh and Kurt talk about Bitcoin, blockchain, and other cryptocurrencies. Show Notes Car power outlet Over 9000 Bitcoin power use Bitcoin transaction chart Bitcoin mining fire Bitcoin is 15 times more expensive to keep secure ICO takes $347K and leaves Bre-X Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag