Episode 346 – Security and working from home have terrible things in common

Josh and Kurt talk about stories detailing tech working with multiple jobs. This raises some questions about fairness, accountability, and the future of work. As an industry we are very bad at measuring what we do, which is a problem shared with many jobs currently working from home. Show Notes

Episode 200 – Talking Container Security with Liz Rice

Josh and Kurt talk to Liz Rice from Aqua Security about container security and her new book on the same topic. What does container security look like today? What are some things you can do now? What will container security look like in the future? Show Notes Container Security download Pictures of elephants Kubernetes SecurityContinue reading “Episode 200 – Talking Container Security with Liz Rice”

Episode 195 – Is BGP actually insecure?

Josh and Kurt talk about the uproar around Cloudflare’s “Is BGP safe yet” site. It’s always interesting watching how much people will push back on new things, even if the new things is probably a step in the right direction. The clever thing Cloudflare is doing in this instance is they are making the BGP problem somethingContinue reading “Episode 195 – Is BGP actually insecure?”