Episode 367 – Open source will never be the same

Josh and Kurt talk about GitHub enforcing sanctions against an open source developer and Docker changing how their registry works. There’s a lot to unpack in this one. There’s a lot of happenings going on in the world of open source. We are seeing governments paying attention to open source like never before, change isContinue reading “Episode 367 – Open source will never be the same”

Episode 366 – Software liability is coming

Josh and Kurt talk about the number of dependencies that is now normal. Keeping track of thousands of dependencies used to be impressive, now it’s normal. In what instances should we know everything about our open source? The days of being able to ignore your software liability is looking like it’s coming to an end.Continue reading “Episode 366 – Software liability is coming”

Episode 347 – Airtags in luggage and weasel security – two peas in a suitcase

Josh and Kurt talk about Lufthansa trying to ban Airtags. This has a similar feel to all the security events where a company tries to hand waive away a security problem then having to walk back all their previous statements. There is almost always a massive imbalance between the large companies and consumers. Show Notes