Episode 279 – The audacity of Audacity: When open source goes rogue

Josh and Kurt talk about the events happening to the Audacity audio editor. What happens if a popular open source application is acquired by an unknown entity? Can this happen to other open source projects? What can we do about it? Show Notes SGDQ Paper Mario Paper Mario Arbitrary Code Execution explained Freenode Audacity acquiredContinue reading “Episode 279 – The audacity of Audacity: When open source goes rogue”

Committee or Community: Slowing down the future

I wrote a blog post about looking back, and I have a bit of snark in there where I talk about slowing down the future. I wanted to explain this a bit more and give everyone some food for thought around how we used to do things and how we should do them moving forward.Continue reading “Committee or Community: Slowing down the future”