Episode 362 – A lesson in Rust from Carol Nichols

Josh and Kurt talk to Carol Nichols about Rust. Carol is an authority on Rust and helps us understand how Rust works, why it’s different. Why Rust doesn’t have the same problems C and C++ have, and what the future of it all could look like. It’s a really fun show with some great questionsContinue reading “Episode 362 – A lesson in Rust from Carol Nichols”

Episode 360 – Memory safety and the NSA

Josh and Kurt talk about the NSA guidance on using memory safety issues. The TL;DR is to stop using C. We discuss why C has so many problem, why we can’t fix C, and what some alternatives looks like. Even the alternatives have their own set of issues and there are many options, but theContinue reading “Episode 360 – Memory safety and the NSA”

Episode 348 – OpenSSL is the new lead paint

Josh and Kurt talk about the recent OpenSSL nothingburger. OpenSSL got everyone whipped into a frenzy over a critical vulnerability, then changed the severity to high. The correct solution to this whole problem is to stop using a TLS library written in C, we need to be using memory safe languages. Don’t migrate from OpenSSLContinue reading “Episode 348 – OpenSSL is the new lead paint”