Episode 354 – Jerry Bell tells us why Mastodon is awesome and MFA is hard

Josh and Kurt talk about how hard multi factor authentication is. This all starts from a Mastodon thread, and Jerry Bell, the administrator of infosec.exchange joins us to discuss password security and all things Mastodon. Infosec.exchange is an incredible story and Jerry weaves a thrilling tale. Show Notes

Episode 351 – Is security or usability a law of the universe?

Josh and Kurt talk about end to end encrypted messages. This has been a popular topic lately due to the Mastodon popularity. Mastodon has a uniquely insecure messaging system, but they aren’t the only one. The eternal debate of can security and usability exist together? We suspect it can’t be, but it’s a very complicatedContinue reading “Episode 351 – Is security or usability a law of the universe?”