Episode 220 – Securing network time and IoT

Josh and Kurt talk about Network Time Security (NTS) how it works and what it means for the world (probably not very much). We also talk about Singapore’s Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS). It probably won’t do a lot in the short term, but we hope it’s a beacon of hope for the future. Show NotesContinue reading “Episode 220 – Securing network time and IoT”

Episode 216 – Security didn’t find life on Venus

Josh and Kurt talk about how we talk about what we do in the context of life on Venus. We didn’t really discover life on Venus, we discovered a gas that could be created by life on Venus. The world didn’t hear that though. We have a similar communication problem in security. How often are your words misunderstood?Continue reading “Episode 216 – Security didn’t find life on Venus”

Episode 215 – Real security is boring

Josh and Kurt talk about attacking open source. How serious is the threat of developers being targeted or a git repo being watched for secret security fixes? The reality of it all is there are many layers in a security journey, the most important things you can do are also the least exciting. Show NotesContinue reading “Episode 215 – Real security is boring”

Episode 213 – Security Signals: What are you telling the world

Josh and Kurt talk about how your actions can tell the world if you actually take security seriously. We frame the discussion in the context of Slack paying a very low bug bounty and discover some ways we can look at Slack and decide if they do indeed take our security very seriously. Show Notes Reddit carbon monoxide PartContinue reading “Episode 213 – Security Signals: What are you telling the world”

Episode 200 – Talking Container Security with Liz Rice

Josh and Kurt talk to Liz Rice from Aqua Security about container security and her new book on the same topic. What does container security look like today? What are some things you can do now? What will container security look like in the future? Show Notes Container Security download Pictures of elephants Kubernetes SecurityContinue reading “Episode 200 – Talking Container Security with Liz Rice”