Episode 301 – You’re holding it wrong: the importance of unlearning

Josh and Kurt talk about the epic failure that was episode 300. But this ties nicely into the topic of the day which is new ways to do things. The example is a new way to hold a controller when playing Tetris. There are always new tools and new ideas in security. Sometimes we have to abandon theContinue reading “Episode 301 – You’re holding it wrong: the importance of unlearning”

Episode 300 – Apple vs NSO: What can copyright do for you?

This episode need a huge disclaimer: we got almost all of the details of this wrong, the lawsuit is based on CFAA, not on copyright. We apologize for this enormous oversight. Josh and Kurt talk about Apple suing NSO using a copyright claim as their vehicle. Copyright is often used as a reason to bring lawsuits, even whenContinue reading “Episode 300 – Apple vs NSO: What can copyright do for you?”

Episode 291 – Everyone sucks at vulnerability disclosure

Josh and Kurt talk about recent events around Apple and Microsoft disclosing security vulnerabilities. Microsoft usually does a good job, but Apple has a long history of not having a great bug bounty or vulnerability disclosure policy. None of this is simple, but hopefully you’ll have some fun and learn a bit about the wholeContinue reading “Episode 291 – Everyone sucks at vulnerability disclosure”

Episode 289 – Who left this 0day on the floor?

Josh and Kurt talk about an unusual number of really bad security updates. We even recorded this before the Azure OMIGOD vulnerability was disclosed. It’s certainly been a wild week with Apple and Chrome 0days, and a Travis CI secret leak. Maybe this is the new normal. Show Notes Matrix 4 trailer Travis CI issueContinue reading “Episode 289 – Who left this 0day on the floor?”