Episode 273 – Can we stop the coming artificial unintelligence deluge?

Josh and Kurt talk about AI driven comments. We live in a world of massive confusion and disruption where what is true and false, real and fake, are often widely debated. As AI grows and evolves what does it mean for this future? We don’t really have any answers, but we ask a lot ofContinue reading “Episode 273 – Can we stop the coming artificial unintelligence deluge?”

Episode 207 – Weaponized attention

Josh and Kurt start this one by explaining how the Twitter hacker was just a dumb criminal (most criminals are dumb). We then discuss the new GPT-3 AI that can create text. How we create, and how social media is doing everything it can to weaponize our attention. It’s not a fight humanity is winning.Continue reading “Episode 207 – Weaponized attention”