Dungeons and Data

This is the beginnings of a security focused table top game. The basic idea is to avoid the usual pitfall tabletop exercises have of being rather dull. If people aren’t paying attention they aren’g going to learn as much.

This game has a heavy focus on randomness through dice. As such, if you’ve never been the game master of a role playing game, you should study up. The ability to think quickly and change direction is extremely important. Sometimes things won’t always make sense but that’s OK, it’s just part of the game.

All of the game content is a copyleft license, feel free to use it as you wish, patches are welcome and encouraged. It’s currently all in google docs which isn’t ideal, someday it will be migrated somewhere proper.

Game content


A more detailed writeup of how the game works and some notable happenings can be found on the RSA blog

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