Episode 270 – Hello dark patterns my old friend

Josh and Kurt talk about dark patterns. A dark pattern is when a service tries to confuse a user into doing something they don’t want to, like unknowingly purchasing a monthly subscription to something you don’t need or want. The US Federal Trade Commission is starting to discuss dark patterns in webs sites and apps.Continue reading “Episode 270 – Hello dark patterns my old friend”

Episode 269 – Do not experiment on the Linux Kernel

Josh and Kurt talk about the University of Minnesota experimenting on the Linux Kernel. There’s a lot to unpack in this one, but the TL;DR is you probably don’t want to experiment on the kernel. Show Notes Linux Bans University of Minnesota for Sending Buggy Patches in the Name of Research University of Minnesota securityContinue reading “Episode 269 – Do not experiment on the Linux Kernel”

Episode 266 – The future of security scanning with Debricked

Josh and Kurt talk to Emil W√•reus from Debricked about the future of security scanners. Debricked is doing some incredibly cool things to avoid relying on humans for vulnerability identification and cataloging. Learn what the future of security scanning is going to look like. Show Notes Debricked Emil’s Linkedin

Episode 265 – The lies closed source can tell, open source can’t

Josh and Kurt talk about the PHP backdoor and the Ubiquity whistleblower. The key takeaway is to note how an open source project cannot cover up an incident, but closed source can and will cover up damaging information. Show Notes PHP backdoor Ubiquity coverup 3D printed TSA keys LockPickingLaywer Determining Key Shape from Sound LockContinue reading “Episode 265 – The lies closed source can tell, open source can’t”

It’s time to fix CVE

The late, great, John Lewis is well known for a quote about getting into trouble. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. It’s time to start some good trouble. Anyone who knows me, reads this blog, or follows me on Twitter, is well aware I have beenContinue reading “It’s time to fix CVE”

Episode 264 – DevSecOps with GitLab’s Mark Loveless

Josh and Kurt talk to Mark Loveless from GitLab. We touch on DevSecOps, what GitLab is doing, threat modeling, and the time Mark tested positive for TNT at the airport. It’s a great conversation. Show Notes Mark Loveless Twitter GitLab GitLab Handbook How we approach open source security PASTA threat modeling GitLab security features TalesContinue reading “Episode 264 – DevSecOps with GitLab’s Mark Loveless”

Episode 263 – GitHub pulls exploits, LinuxFoundation sign all the things

Josh and Kurt talk about how terrible daylight savings is. GitHub yanking some exploit code. And the Linux Foundation new project to sign all the things. Show Notes Researcher Publishes Code to Exploit Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities on Github GitHub content restrictions Reproducing the Microsoft Exchange Proxylogon Exploit Chain

Episode 262 – A discussion with Loris and Pop from Sysdig

Josh and Kurt talk to Loris Degioanni and Dan from Sysdig. Sysdig are the minds behind Falco, an amazing open source runtime security engine. We talk about where their technology came from, they huge code donation to the CNCF and what securing a modern infrastructure looks like today. Show Notes Sysdig Falco Loris’ Twitter DanContinue reading “Episode 262 – A discussion with Loris and Pop from Sysdig”