Ready to form Voltron! why security is like a giant robot make of lions

Due to various conversations about security this week, Voltron came up in the context of security. This is sort of a strange topic, but it makes sense when we ponder modern day security. If you talk to anyone, there is generally one thing they push as a solution for a problem. This is no different for security technologies. There is always one thing that will fix your problems. In reality this is never the case. Good security is about putting a number of technologies together to create something bigger and better than any one thing can do by itself.

For those of you who don’t know what Voltron is, Voltron was a cartoon when I was a kid. There were 5 robot lions that sometime during every show would combine together to create one big robot called Voltron. By themselves the lions were pretty awesome, but it always seemed the bad guy would keep getting stronger until the lions couldn’t deal with it alone, only by coming together to form a giant robot of pure awesome could they destroy whatever horrible create was causing problems.

This sounds just like security. Just a firewall will eventually be beaten by your adversaries. Just code reviews won’t keep things safe for long (if at all). Just using ASLR is only good for a little while. When we start putting everything together though, things get good.

There are some people who get this, they know that there isn’t one thing that’s going to fix it all, a lot don’t though. It’s very common to attend a talk about a new security feature or product. If you talk to a vendor without a doubt whatever they’re doing will cure what ails you. How often does anyone talk about how their product, feature, or idea will fit in the big picture? How can two or more things work together to add security? It’s pretty uncommon to see anyone talking about how well things work together. It’s human nature though. We can usually only do one thing, and why wouldn’t you be proud of what you’re working on? You want to talk about what you do and what you know.

I’m often guilty of this too. When talking about something like containers I’ll focus on selinux, or updates, or trusted content, or seccomp. Rarely is the whole story told. Part of this may be because security technology is usually really complex, it’s hard to hold a good view of it all in your head at once. The thing is though, none of those are overly useful by themselves. They’re all good and do great things, but it’s not until you put everything together that you can see a real difference.

This all makes sense when you think about it. Layers of defense are almost always more effective than a single layer (I know there is a lot of nuance to this, but in general, let’s not nitpick). Would you want to rely on only seccomp, or would you rather have seccomp, cgroups, selinux, user namespaces, trusted content, content scanning, and ExecShield? It’s a no brainer when you think about it.

How can we start to think about things as a giant evil fighting robot instead of small (but still awesome) lions? It’s never easy, it’s even harder when you have to expect different groups to share attention and recognition. It’s going to be more important in the future though. If we don’t take better looks at how things work together it’s going to be a lot harder to see real improvements.

What do you think? Let me know: @joshbressers

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