Episode 184 – It’s DNS. It’s always DNS

Josh and Kurt talk about the sale of the corp.com domain. Is it going to be the end of the world, or a non event? We disagree on what should happen with it. Josh hopes an evildoer buys it, Kurt hopes for Microsoft. We also briefly discuss the CIA owning Crypto AG. Show Notes corp.com is forContinue reading “Episode 184 – It’s DNS. It’s always DNS”

Episode 183 – The great working from home experiment

Josh and Kurt talk about a huge working from home experiment because of the the Coronavirus. We also discuss some of the advice going on around the outbreak, as well as how humans are incredibly good at ignoring good advice, often to their own peril. Also an airplane wheel falls off. Show Notes Work from home HackerContinue reading “Episode 183 – The great working from home experiment”

Episode 182 – Does open source owe us anything?

Josh and Kurt talk about open source maintainers and building communities. While an open source maintainer doesn’t owe anyone anything, there are some difficult conversations around holding back a community rather than letting it flourish. Show Notes Actix-web story Lodash Possible Lodash security issue Javascript libraries are almost never updated Ularn Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcastContinue reading “Episode 182 – Does open source owe us anything?”

Episode 181 – The security of SIM swapping

Josh and Kurt talk about SIM swapping. What is it, how does it work. Why should you care? There’s not a ton you can do to protect yourself, but we go over some of the basic concepts and what to watch out for. It’s unfortunate this is still a problem. Show Notes Five Major US Wireless CarriersContinue reading “Episode 181 – The security of SIM swapping”