Episode 171 – Measuring cybersecurity with Kathryn Waldron

Josh and Kurt talk to Kathryn Waldron of the R Street Institute about a paper she recently published that collects a number of cybersecurity measuring devices in one place. Show Notes Kathryn Waldron Kathryn’s Twitter account Resources for Measuring Cybersecurity There are 14 standards Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 170 – Until that quantum computer is cracking RSA keys, go sit back down!

Josh and Kurt talk about banking and privacy. It’s very likely nothing will get better anytime soon, humans will continue to be terrible at understanding certain risks. We also discuss what quantum supremacy means (or doesn’t  mean) for security. Show Notes National Bank Privacy Issues Quantum Supremecy Claims Hype Cycle Scottish person talking to Siri SMBC Quantum ComicContinue reading “Episode 170 – Until that quantum computer is cracking RSA keys, go sit back down!”

Episode 169 – What happens when leadership doesn’t care about security?

Josh and Kurt talk about government security incidents. The security concerns at the government level often have real life and death consequences. What happens when the leadership knowingly disregards security policy? Show Notes Breaking into a SCIF Whitehouse cybersecurity team Bugged typewriter Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 168 – The draconian draconians of DRM

Josh and Kurt talk about the social norms of security. We also discuss security coprocessors and the reasons behind adding them to hardware. Is DRM a draconian security measure or do we need it to secure the future? We also touch on the story of NordVPN getting hacked. The real story isn’t they got hacked, the story isContinue reading “Episode 168 – The draconian draconians of DRM”