Episode 167 – Security is terrible because digital literacy is terrible

Josh and Kurt talk about the horrid state of digital literacy in the US. We start out talking about broken Phillips Hue light bulbs, then discuss research from Pew on the digital literacy of Americans. We may have accidentally discovered a use for all the cookie warnings every web site has. Show Notes Pew Research on American’s DigitcalContinue reading “Episode 167 – Security is terrible because digital literacy is terrible”

Episode 166 – Every day should be cybersecurity awareness month!

Josh and Kurt about cybersecurity awareness month. What’s our actionable advice we can give out? There isn’t much which is a fundamental part of the problem. Show Notes Cybersecurity awareness month Polar bear sized pigs Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 165 – Grab Bag of Microsoft Security News

Josh and Kurt about a number of Microsoft security news items. They’ve changed how they are handling encrypted disks and are now forcing cloud logins on Windows users. Show Notes Microsoft KB 4516071 A Security Market for Lemons Kurt’s file wiping advisory Lock Picking Lawyer vs Consumer Reports Sun Ray Linux Gamers: 20% of auto reportedContinue reading “Episode 165 – Grab Bag of Microsoft Security News”

Episode 164 – DNS over HTTPS: Probably not the end of the world

Josh and Kurt about DNS over HTTPS and how it may or may not destroy civilization. We also discuss the disruption of cloud in the context of security and touch on the news that GitHub is now a CVE CNA! Show Notes DNS over HTTPS California Privacy Law Defensive Security Podcast GitHub is a CNA CommentContinue reading “Episode 164 – DNS over HTTPS: Probably not the end of the world”