Episode 151 – The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge with David Brumley

Josh and Kurt talk to David Brumley. The CEO of ForAllSecure and professor at CMU. We discuss when David’s team won the Cyber Grand Challenge, what the future of automated security looks like, and what ForAllSecure is doing. It’s a fascinating window into the future of the industry. Show Notes David Brumley ForAllSecure Cyber Grand ChallengeContinue reading “Episode 151 – The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge with David Brumley”

Episode 150 – Our ad funded dystopian present

Josh and Kurt talk about the future Chrome and ad blockers. There is a lot of nuance to unpack around this one. There are two versions of the Internet today. One with an ad blocker and one without. The Internet without an ad blocker is a dystopian nightmare. The actionable advice at the end of thisContinue reading “Episode 150 – Our ad funded dystopian present”

Episode 149 – Chat with Michael Coates about data security

Josh and Kurt have a chat with Michael Coates from Altitude Networks. We cover what Altitude is up to as well as general trends we’re seeing around data security in the cloud. Michael lays out his vision for “data first security”. Show Notes Michael Coates Altitude Networks Michael’s Keynote Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 148 – You just got pwnt, what now?

Josh and Kurt talk about public disclosure of a security incident. We start out with a story about Canva, then discuss what do you do if you have a security incident? Who do you tell, what do you tell them. How do you tell your story? It’s a really hard problem even if it’s something you’ve doneContinue reading “Episode 148 – You just got pwnt, what now?”