Episode 143 – Security lessons from the phone book

Josh and Kurt talk about the phone book (yeah, the big paper book people used to use). Kurt got one in the mail. While it’s certainly a relic from another time, there were security tips in it among other wild things. Show Notes Chad Loder’s Twitter Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 142 – Hypothetical security: what if you find a USB flash drive?

Josh and Kurt talk about what one could do if you find a USB drive. The context is based on the story where the Secret Service was rumored to have plugged a malicious USB drive into a computer. The purpose of discussion is to explore how to handle a situation like this in the real world. WeContinue reading “Episode 142 – Hypothetical security: what if you find a USB flash drive?”

Episode 141 – Timezones are hard, security is harder

Josh and Kurt talk about the difficulty of security. We look at the difficulty of the EU not observing daylight savings time, which is probably magnitudes easier than getting security right. We also hit on a discussion on Reddit about U2F that shows the difficulty. Security today is too hard, even for the experts. Show Notes StoringContinue reading “Episode 141 – Timezones are hard, security is harder”

Episode 140 – Good enough security is a pretty high bar

Josh and Kurt talk about identity. It’s a nice example we can generally understand in the context of how much security is enough security? When we deal with identity the idea of good enough is often acceptable for the vast majority of uses. Perfect identity tracking isn’t really a thing nor is it practical. Show Notes FirefightersContinue reading “Episode 140 – Good enough security is a pretty high bar”

Supplying the supply chain

A long time ago Marc Andreessen said “software is eating the world”. This statement ended up being quite profound in hindsight, as most profound statements are. At the time nobody really understood what he meant and it probably wasn’t until the public cloud caught on that it became something nobody could ignore. The future ofContinue reading “Supplying the supply chain”

Episode 139 – Secure voting, firefox send, and toxic comments on the internet

Josh and Kurt talk about Brexit, voting, Firefox send, and toxic comments. Is there anything we can do to slow the current trend of conversation on the Internet always seeming to spiral out of control? The answer is maybe with a lot of asterisks. Show Notes Swiss evoting Darpa $10 million secure voting Firefox Send Jigsaw andContinue reading “Episode 139 – Secure voting, firefox send, and toxic comments on the internet”