Episode 138 – Information wants to be free

Josh and Kurt talk about a prank gone wrong, the reality of when your data ends up public. Once it’s public you can’t ever put it back. We also discuss Notepad++ no longer signing releases and what signing releases means for the world in general. Show Notes Japanese girl arrested Publish package to the npm  registry UniversityContinue reading “Episode 138 – Information wants to be free”

Episode 137.5 – Holy cow Beto was in the cDc, this is awesome!

Josh and Kurt talk about Beto being in the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc). This is a pretty big deal in a very good way. We hit on some history, why it’s a great thing, what we can probably expect from opponents. There’s even some advice at the end how we can all help. We needContinue reading “Episode 137.5 – Holy cow Beto was in the cDc, this is awesome!”

Episode 137 – When the IoT attacks!

Josh and Kurt talk about when devices attack! It’s not quite that exciting, but there have been a slew of news about physical devices causing problems for humans. We end on the note that we’re getting closer to a point when lawyers and regulators will start to pay attention. We’re not there yet, so we still haveContinue reading “Episode 137 – When the IoT attacks!”

Episode 136 – How people feel is more important than being right

Josh and Kurt talk about github blocking the Deepfakes repository. There’s a far bigger discussion about how people feel, and sometimes security fails to understand that making people feel happy or safer is more important than being right. Show Notes Github Deepfakes discussion Cloudflare’s SOCKMAP blog Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag