Episode 135 – Passwords, AI, and cloud strategy

Josh and Kurt talk about change your password day (what a terrible day). Google’s password checkup (not a terrible idea), an AI finding new spice flavors we expect will one day take over the world, and we finish up on a new DoD cloud strategy. Also Josh burnt his finger, but is going to be OK. ShowContinue reading “Episode 135 – Passwords, AI, and cloud strategy”

Episode 134 – What’s up with the container runc security flaw?

Josh and Kurt talk about the new runc container security flaw. How does the flaw work, what can you do about it, what should you do about it, and what the future of container security may look like. Show Notes runc security flaw – CVE-2019-5736 Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 133 – Smart locks and the government hacking devices

Josh and Kurt talk about the fiasco hacks4pancakes described on Twitter and what the future of smart locks will look like. We then discuss what it means if the Japanese government starts hacking consumer IoT gear, is it ethical? Will it make anything better? Show Notes @hacks4pancakes smart lock fiasco LockPickingLawyer Japanese government hacking devices Comment onContinue reading “Episode 133 – Smart locks and the government hacking devices”

Episode 132 – Bird Scooter: 0, Cory Doctorow: 1

Josh and Kurt talk about the Bird Scooter vs Corey Doctorow incident. We then get into some of the social norms around new technology and what lessons the security industry can take from something new like shared scooters. Show Notes Bird vs Corey Doctorow Josh’s CES blog Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag