Episode 131 – Windows micropatches, Google’s privacy fine, and Mastercard fixes trial abuse

Josh and Kurt talk about non-Microsoft Windows micropatches. The days of pretending closed source matters are long gone. Google gets hit with a privacy fine, that probably won’t matter. And Mastercard makes it easier for consumers to not accidentally sign up for services they don’t want. Show Notes 3 Windows micropatches Google fined $57 million Mastercard freeContinue reading “Episode 131 – Windows micropatches, Google’s privacy fine, and Mastercard fixes trial abuse”

Episode 130 – Chat with Snyk co-founder Danny Grander

Josh and Kurt talk to Danny Grander one of the co-founders of Snyk about Zip Slip, what it is, how to fix it, and how they disclosed everything. We also touch on plenty of other open source security topics as Danny is involved in many aspects of open source security. Show Notes Danny’s Twitter Danny’s LinkedIn SnykContinue reading “Episode 130 – Chat with Snyk co-founder Danny Grander”

Episode 129 – The EU bug bounty program

Josh and Kurt talk about the EU bug bounty program. There have been a fair number of people complaining it’s solving the wrong problem, but it’s the only way the EU has to spend money on open source today. If that doesn’t change this program will fail. Show Notes Josh’s blog post Julia Reda EU bug bountyContinue reading “Episode 129 – The EU bug bounty program”

Episode 128 – Australia’s encryption backdoor bill

Josh and Kurt talk about Australia’s recently passed encryption bill. What is the law that was passed, what does it mean, and what are the possible outcomes? The show notes contain a flow chart of possible outcomes. Show Notes Josh’s flow chart Australia Access and Assistance Encryption Bill 2018 Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag