Episode 176 – The ‘predictions are stupid’ prediction episode

Josh and Kurt talk about security predictions for 2020. None of the predictions are even a bit controversial or unexpected. We’re in a state of slow change, without disruptive technology next year will look a lot like this year. Show Notes The Rising Speed of Technological Adoption Slack Certified GDPR Fines and Notices Comment on Twitter withContinue reading “Episode 176 – The ‘predictions are stupid’ prediction episode”

Episode 175 – Defenders will always be one step behind

Josh and Kurt talk about the opportunistic nature of crime. Defenders have to defend, which means the adversaries are by definition always a step ahead. We use the context of automobile crimes to frame the discussion. Show Notes Stealing cars with radio relays RTL Software Defined Radio Canada most stolen car Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcastContinue reading “Episode 175 – Defenders will always be one step behind”

Episode 174 – GitHub turns security up to 11; A discussion with Rob Schultheis

Josh and Kurt talk to Rob Schultheis from GitHub about some of the amazing projects GitHub is working on. We discuss GitHub security advisories, getting a CVE from GitHub, and what the new GitHub Security Lab is doing. It’s a great conversation about how GitHub is working to make security better for all of us. Show NotesContinue reading “Episode 174 – GitHub turns security up to 11; A discussion with Rob Schultheis”

Episode 173 – Ho Ho Homeland Security

Josh Santa and Kurt talk the border nightmare Santa Clause has to deal with as he traverses the globe. Questions we explore include: Are the reindeer farm animals? Is the North Pole a farm? Is Santa an intellectual property thief? Does Krampus eat politicians? Does Santa have a passport? Does Santa have an emergency radio? ShowContinue reading “Episode 173 – Ho Ho Homeland Security”

Episode 172 – The security of planned obsolescence

Josh and Kurt talk about the security implications of planned obsolescence. We use Intel’s recent decision to remove old drivers from their website as the start of the conversation. By the end we realize this is more of a decision society needs to understand and make more than anything. Is constantly throwing out technology OK? Show NotesContinue reading “Episode 172 – The security of planned obsolescence”

Episode 171 – Measuring cybersecurity with Kathryn Waldron

Josh and Kurt talk to Kathryn Waldron of the R Street Institute about a paper she recently published that collects a number of cybersecurity measuring devices in one place. Show Notes Kathryn Waldron Kathryn’s Twitter account Resources for Measuring Cybersecurity There are 14 standards Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 170 – Until that quantum computer is cracking RSA keys, go sit back down!

Josh and Kurt talk about banking and privacy. It’s very likely nothing will get better anytime soon, humans will continue to be terrible at understanding certain risks. We also discuss what quantum supremacy means (or doesn’t  mean) for security. Show Notes National Bank Privacy Issues Quantum Supremecy Claims Hype Cycle Scottish person talking to Siri SMBC Quantum ComicContinue reading “Episode 170 – Until that quantum computer is cracking RSA keys, go sit back down!”

Episode 169 – What happens when leadership doesn’t care about security?

Josh and Kurt talk about government security incidents. The security concerns at the government level often have real life and death consequences. What happens when the leadership knowingly disregards security policy? Show Notes Breaking into a SCIF Whitehouse cybersecurity team Bugged typewriter Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 168 – The draconian draconians of DRM

Josh and Kurt talk about the social norms of security. We also discuss security coprocessors and the reasons behind adding them to hardware. Is DRM a draconian security measure or do we need it to secure the future? We also touch on the story of NordVPN getting hacked. The real story isn’t they got hacked, the story isContinue reading “Episode 168 – The draconian draconians of DRM”

Episode 167 – Security is terrible because digital literacy is terrible

Josh and Kurt talk about the horrid state of digital literacy in the US. We start out talking about broken Phillips Hue light bulbs, then discuss research from Pew on the digital literacy of Americans. We may have accidentally discovered a use for all the cookie warnings every web site has. Show Notes Pew Research on American’s DigitcalContinue reading “Episode 167 – Security is terrible because digital literacy is terrible”