Episode 120 – Bloomberg and hardware backdoors – it’s already happening

Josh and Kurt talk about Bloomberg’s story about backdoors and motherboards. The story is probably false, but this is almost certainly happening already with hardware. What does it mean if your hardware is already backdoored by one or more countries? Show Notes Bloomberg Story Jordan Robertson Michael Riley PCB Factory Hard Disk Firmware Hacking Farmers hacking theirContinue reading “Episode 120 – Bloomberg and hardware backdoors – it’s already happening”

Targeted vs General purpose security

There seems to be a lot of questions going around lately about how to best give out simple security advice that is actionable. Goodness knows I’ve talked about this more than I can even remember at this point. The security industry is really bad at giving out actionable advice. It’s common someone will ask what’sContinue reading “Targeted vs General purpose security”

Episode 119 – The Google+ and Facebook incidents, it’s not your data anymore

Josh and Kurt talk about the Google+ and Facebook data incidents. We don’t have any control over this data anymore. The incidents didn’t really affect the users because we have no idea who has access to it. We also touch on GDPR and what it could mean in this context. Show Notes Facebook hack Google+ hack CommentContinue reading “Episode 119 – The Google+ and Facebook incidents, it’s not your data anymore”