Episode 115 – Discussion with Brian Hajost from SteelCloud

Josh and Kurt talk to Brian Hajost from SteelCloud about public sector compliance. The world of public sector compliance can be confusing and strange, but it’s not that bad when it’s explained by someone with experience. Show Notes SteelCloud DISA STIG Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 114 – Review of "Click Here to Kill Everybody"

Josh and Kurt review Bruce Schneier’s new book Click Here to Kill Everybody. It’s a book everyone could benefit from reading. It does a nice job explaining many existing security problems in a simple manner. Show Notes Click Here to Kill Everybody There Will Be Cyberwar Reddit OSHA Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 113 – Actual real security advice

Josh and Kurt talk about actual real world advice. Based on a story about trying to secure political campaigns, if we had to give some security help what should it look like, who should we give it to? Show Notes Security advice to Democrats Our actual advice Don’t run your own services Email – Google or MicrosoftContinue reading “Episode 113 – Actual real security advice”

Episode 112 – Google’s Titan Key and the latest Struts issue

Josh and Kurt talk about the new Google Titan security key. There are some in the industry uneasy about the supply chain for the devices. We also discuss the latest Struts security issue. Struts is old and scary now, stop using it. Show Notes Google’s security key security questions Struts security issue Comment on Twitter with theContinue reading “Episode 112 – Google’s Titan Key and the latest Struts issue”