Episode 102 – Michael Feiertag from tCell

Josh and Kurt talk to Michael Feiertag, the CEO of tCell. We talk about what a Web Application Firewall is, what it does and doesn’t do, and what the future of this technology looks like. We touch on how this affects a DevOps environment. Security has to fit into the existing model, not try to change it.Continue reading “Episode 102 – Michael Feiertag from tCell”

Episode 101 – Our unregulated future is here to stay

Josh and Kurt talk about Bird scooters. The implications of the scooters on the city, segways, bicycles. The topic of how these vehicles interact with pedestrians on the road and trails. It’s an example of humans not wanting to follow the rules and generally making the situation annoying for everyone. It’s the old security story of newContinue reading “Episode 101 – Our unregulated future is here to stay”

Episode 100 – You’re bad at buying security, we can help!

Josh and Kurt talk about how to be a smart security buyer. We have guest Steve Mayzak walk us through how a the buying process works as well as giving out a ton of great advice. Even if you’re experienced with how to buy security technology you should give this a listen. Show Notes Buyer training Join our FacebookContinue reading “Episode 100 – You’re bad at buying security, we can help!”

Security ROI isn’t impossible, we suck at measuring

As of late I’ve been seeing a lot of grumbling that security return on investment (ROI) is impossible. This is of course nonsense. Understanding your ROI is one of the most important things you can do as a business leader. You have to understand if what you’re doing makes sense. By the very nature ofContinue reading “Security ROI isn’t impossible, we suck at measuring”

Episode 99 – Consumer security is too broken to fix, and it doesn’t matter

Josh and Kurt talk about a number of consumer security issues. The FBI told everyone to reboot their routers which they won’t do. The .app top level domain is a cesspool of malware. Everyone has a cell phone and won’t update them properly. None of this probably matters though. Unless there are real measurable tragedies caused byContinue reading “Episode 99 – Consumer security is too broken to fix, and it doesn’t matter”