Episode 94 – DNSSEC, BGP, and reality

Josh and Kurt talk about the Amazon Route 53 incident and what it really means for the modern infrastructure. Complaining nobody is using DNSSEC or securing BGP aren’t the right conversations to be having. Reality must be considered in any honest conversation about these topics. Show Notes Route 53 attack Cloudflare’s Join our Facebook Group  CommentContinue reading “Episode 94 – DNSSEC, BGP, and reality”

Episode 92 – Chat with Rami Saas the CEO of WhiteSource

Josh and Kurt talk to Rami Saas, the CEO of WhiteSource about 3rd party open source security as well as open source licensing. Show Notes WhiteSource Rami Saas Open Source Licenses Mercedes C-Class 205 Open Source Licenses Join our Facebook Group  Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Spend until you’re secure

I was watching a few Twitter conversations about purchasing security last week and had yet another conversation about security ROI. This has me thinking about what we spend money on. In many industries we can spend our way out of problems, not all problems, but a lot of problems. With security if I gave youContinue reading “Spend until you’re secure”