Episode 79 – Skyfall: please don’t yell ‘fire’

Skyfall Scotland Josh and Kurt talk about Skyfall, fake reports, risk, logging, and how a civilized society functions. Show Notes Skyfall attack (via archive.org) httpoxy Tide pod challenge Fabuloso Broken Window Parable 15 year old head of CIA Cloudflare core dumps Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag

Episode 76 – Meltdown aftermath

Josh and Kurt talk about the aftermath of Meltdown. The details of the flaw are probably less interesting than what happens now. Show Notes AMD certificate flaw Dumping the PS4 kernel in 6 days Raspberry Pi not vulnerable to Meltdown CERT says get a new CPU Windows A/V registry key Join our Facebook Group Comment on TwitterContinue reading “Episode 76 – Meltdown aftermath”

Security and privacy are the same thing

Earlier today I ran across this post on Reddit Security but not Privacy (Am I doing this right?) The poster basically said “I care about security but not privacy”. It got me thinking about security and privacy. There’s not really a difference between the two. They are two faces of the same coin but whyContinue reading “Security and privacy are the same thing”