Episode 56 – Devil’s Advocate and other fuzzy topics

Josh and Kurt talk about forest fires, fuzzing, old time Internet, and Net Neutrality. Listen to Kurt play the Devil’s Advocate and manage to change Josh’s mind about net neutrality. Show Notes Fuzzing httpd Fuzzing Freeradius AFL Fuzzer TruffleHog Archie search engine Space shuttle code Net Neutrality Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcastContinue reading “Episode 56 – Devil’s Advocate and other fuzzy topics”

Episode 55 – Good docs ruin my story

Josh and Kurt talk about Let’s Encrypt, certificates, Kaspersky, A/V, code signing, Not Petya, self driving cars, and failures that become security problems. Show Notes Let’s Encrypt Wildcard Certificates Let’s Encrypt Audit Chrome 61 to distrust WoSign and StartCom Kaspersky Story Ukrain Account Software Bloomberg Terminals Microsoft Code Signing Documents Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter withContinue reading “Episode 55 – Good docs ruin my story”

Who’s got your hack back?

The topic of hacking back keeps coming up these days. There’s an attempt to pass a bill in the US that would legalize hacking back. There are many opinions on this topic, I’m generally not one to take a hard stand against what someone else thinks. In this case though, if you think hacking backContinue reading “Who’s got your hack back?”