Episode 53 – A plane isn’t like a car

Josh and Kurt talk about security through obscurity, airplanes, the FAA, the Windows source code leak, and chicken sandwiches. Show Notes FAA Security Through Obscurity Tavis Ormandy Windows Defender Linus’s Law Tesla Autopoilot Predicts Crashes 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash Windows 10 leak $1500 Chicken Sandwich Build a toaster from scratch Join our Facebook Group CommentContinue reading “Episode 53 – A plane isn’t like a car”

When in doubt, blame open source

If you’ve not read my previous post on thought leadership, go do that now, this one builds on it. The thing that really kicked off my thinking on these matters was this article: Security liability is coming for software: Is your engineering team ready? The whole article is pretty silly, but the bit about liabilityContinue reading “When in doubt, blame open source”

Thought leaders aren’t leaders

For the last few weeks I’ve seen news stories and much lamenting on twitter about the security skills shortage. Some say there is no shortage, some say it’s horrible beyond belief. Basically there’s someone arguing every possible side of this. I’m not going to debate if there is or isn’t a worker shortage, that’s not reallyContinue reading “Thought leaders aren’t leaders”

Humanity isn’t proactive

I ran across this article about IoT security the other day The US Needs to Get Serious About Securing the Internet of Hackable Things I find articles like this frustrating for the simple fact everyone keeps talking about security, but nobody is going to do anything. If you look at the history of humanity, we’veContinue reading “Humanity isn’t proactive”

Episode 50 – This is a security podcast after all

Josh and Kurt discuss Futurama, tornadoes, sudo, encryption, hacking back, and something called an ombudsman. Also episode 50! Show Notes Star Trek Discovery Mowing lawn with a tornado Edmonton Tornado Sudo flaw Encryption ban Hacking Back Ombudsman Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcast hashtag