Remember kids, if you’re going to disclose, disclose responsibly!

If you pay any attention to the security universe, you’re aware that Tavis Ormandy is basically on fire right now with his security research. He found the Cloudflare data leak issue a few weeks back, and is currently going to town on LastPass. The LastPass crew seems to be dealing with this pretty well, I’m not seeingContinue reading “Remember kids, if you’re going to disclose, disclose responsibly!”

Episode 38 – We Ruin Everything

Josh and Kurt discuss disclosing your password, pwn2own, wikileaks, Back Orifice, HTTPS inspection, and antivirus. Show Notes xkcd comic Defendant refusing to give up password Prisoner ID Password Fraud Victim’s Google Warrant pwn2own VM escape pwn2own Mozilla 22 hour fix Wikileaks non disclosure Back Orifice HTTPS inspection tools may be unsafe Join our Facebook Group Comment onContinue reading “Episode 38 – We Ruin Everything”

Security, Consumer Reports, and Failure

Last week there was a story about Consumer Reports doing security testing of products. Consumer Reports to Begin Evaluating Products, Services for Privacy and Data Security As one can imagine there were a fair number of “they’ll get it wrong” sort of comments. They will get it wrong, at first, but that’s not a reasonContinue reading “Security, Consumer Reports, and Failure”

Episode 37 – Your bathtub is more dangerous than a shark

Josh and Kurt discuss how the Vault 7 leaks shows we live in the Neuromancer world, and this is likely the new normal. Show Notes Hacker News Writeup about Vault 7 SATAN RTL-SDR White House Reconstruction Baseband Hacking CGA Graphics Chromium Security Brag Sheet French Zoo Poacher Join our Facebook Group Comment on Twitter with the #osspodcastContinue reading “Episode 37 – Your bathtub is more dangerous than a shark”

What the Oscars can teach us about security

If you watched the 89th Academy Awards you saw a pretty big mistake at the end of the show, the short story is Warren Beatty was handed the wrong envelope, he opened it, looked at it, then gave it to Faye Dunaway to read, which she did. The wrong people came on stage and startedContinue reading “What the Oscars can teach us about security”